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Hi! my name is Chris

When I was in high school something happened to me kinda like Teen Wolf. I started to create all the time and it didn’t matter in what media. At Ohio University I was taught the value of design with a strong conceptual background. I believe that design should not only look good but should create a sense of wonder. Since graduating I’ve learned to control my wolf side and focus on creating with a sense of purpose and attention to detail.




Design and develop web applications, user experiences and marketing materials within responsive frameworks to better target user groups regardless of device and resolution constraints.

Research user interaction to better inform user flows and site architecture as it relates to project goals and device constraints.

Oxiem Interactive


My main responsibilities where to assist the Sr. designer with developing website for desktop, mobile and responsive sites. This included creating production art with a consistent feel. I was also responsibly for creating brand marks and brand standards guides.


  • Responsive Design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Jquery


Privato Bespoke

Responsive Website

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Ernest Hemingway

Logo and Branding

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Alert First

PPC Lander

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Marketing Email

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